Kindergarten Party #09

February 8, 2019

pictures by Jean Ranobrac



November 21, 2018

☝︎ artwork for Pion 3rd release

☟ artwork for Iñigo Montoya’s remix of Pion’s single.


November 21, 2018

visual identity and flyers for Veuillez Décliner mon Identité show in Paris by Virile

Iñigo Montoya! live

November 21, 2018

photos from Iñigo montoya! latest gigs.

photos above ©steven monteau

photos above ©antoine jarzabek

random patterns wip

May 16, 2018

Iñigo Montoya! loops

April 27, 2018

Some looping experiments made for Iñigo Montoya!’s live show last year.

UTOPIES at FGO Barbara

April 13, 2018

Visual identity creation and Vjing for an orignal creation by Iñigo Montoya!, Florent Mateo, Khadyak, Thomas Bellier, and Mazelfreten.


photos © Gaëlle Matata

Kindergarten Party #04

March 15, 2018

As ZEUGL, we were kindly invited to VJ for the 4th edition of the Kindergarten Party in Paris.

(pics by Jean Ranobrac)

(pic by Théo Schittulli)