October 18, 2010

What am I involved in, so far on this 21st october?

Obviously context dissertation, my plan is to have it read tonight by my (english) flatmate.
Tomorrow, placement with Sabine (at Sabina – website coming soon) + meeting with Marcos to come to a design for the invitations for the ESDGEMA show, which is a collaboration with spanish fashion sudents.
This weekend, I have to design (at least start) a flyer for Caandides‘ concert in december, which will actually be for the whole festival and hopefully have a chat with Romain about ‘this is worth sharing’ (coming soon too).
I will also photocopy an article for the PrintMatters Public Library (coming very soon this one), I think I will take Lev Manovich’s Database as a symbolic form (which was recommended by Rebecca Ross), it is very smart and I enjoyed reading it a lot.

And this is it.

What I have finished so far?

The first PrintMatters booklet (which I will re-make properly with the good impressions).
The collaborative piece with Humbelina (see above, spanish collaboration, and below photo).
I started to screenprint a vector mask that I made for Caandides, but I am not satisfied with at all!

Oh! I forgot the most important: the communication for next wednesday’ talk, with Gabriel and Romain!

And this it too.


2 Responses to “☹☺”

  1. hugo Says:

    what a wonderful hood ! (jespere que je ne fais pas de fautes d’anglais)

  2. […] I was saying below I was kinda helping to design invitations for a student fashion show down in Galicia, Spain. I […]

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