✟ What if I don’t do this brief ✟

October 28, 2010

Some starting points ☟

I know it is impossible to read what’s on the photo so, I will write everything (even the stupid ones) and then highlight the most promising…

What if there hasn’t been a shift towards literacy?
What if computers haven’t been invented?
What if nobody has never invented typography?
What if media never influenced people?
What if people refuse to interact with media?
What if TV had taken over newspapers?
What if the Internet takes over all other media?
What if there is no more internet?
What if there si no more printed matters?
What if there is only one medium of communication?
What if books were electronic?
What if we have no more physical media?
What if all databases are erased?
What if we loose all records ever made, and there is no more possibilities to record anything?
What if we didn’t know how to read?
What if TVwere interactive?
What if the Internet is forbidden?
What if the Internet is no more free (apart from the connexion thing)?

What if nobody feeds the Internet any more?
What if there was somebody regulating the Internet?
What if before anything goes online it has to be accepted?
What if we had to use the Internet at least once a day?
What if there was a book that communicates exactly as speech does?
What if the Internet was physical?
What if we put all values of all media into one hybrid thing?
What if there was a book that could be changed over and over (therefore contradicting its still nature)?
What if a book was made as the Internet?
What if we give the Internet to non-literate culture?
What if the Internet was finite?
What if a book was created and read at the same time (cf, live TV)?
What if a printed matter was never finite?


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