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October 30, 2010

YAY- we are doing a gig in Paris, in December with Caandides! Did I tell you, Caandides is the band Gabriel and I Vj for, and do some other ‘design’ stuff (when they are not trying to do it themselves, which always fails).

And, yes I designed the thing above. But I have been tricked! I thought I was doing a flyer for Caandides only but it turned out it was for the whole festival.

By the way I think I won’t do flyers anymore, unless it is for Caandides only because then, I don’t have to do it A6. For this festival I designed a print flyer, A6 -boring- and 2 E-flyers -less boring, I changed the proportions- and an avatar for the facebook event

But the reason I say I won’t do flyers anymore it’s because it is impossible for it to be awesome, at best it will be fine, or nice. First, the  printed version, for econimical reasons, in 99% of the case has to be A6. Then, there is nothing to say, and fuck loads of text to put on. So basically, making a flyer is either filling the space with type, or lettering, or creating a nice image and put the type around or over. It is like a small poster that has to be filled with info.


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