October 30, 2010

Romain André and I are soon putting a collaborative platform online, called, “This Is Worth Sharing”, where people could share static images that they created.

On “This Is Worth Sharing” the picture frame becomes a stage for participants to occupy.

The purpose of our site is to build a database of dialoguing inspirational images where the performance is as important as the subject.

In order to create a consistant and interesting content we are setting 3 rules:

1. The photo has to be taken with a webcam.
2. You have to appear in this photo.
3. You have to be presenting something.

It could be your favourite gang sign, a drawing, a face, a post it note, an idea that the world doesn’t understand yet/is not ready for, a newspapers article, a new invention, a sketch, a doodle, a word, a visual joke, your favourite book, an animal, your new stupid haircut, your most colorful underwear, your best multi-colour pen, a new discovery, a creepy teddy bear, your most inventive play on words, a most delightful poetry piece, your best De Niro face, your favourite sparkling Michael Jackson socks, your hand made teletubbies costume, anything really…

Before lauching the website we need to ask few of our friends to participate.
We need a base of photos, in order to get started, see how it’s going to work and what direction it is going to take.

Thank you for contributing in this project by sending a photo;)
We love you for that…and other reasons♥

>>>>>please send your photos to thisisworthsharing@gmail.com


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