November 4, 2010

After meeting with Paulus tuesday:

About context, it is better to make a piece that contains the whole dissertation. Regarding my case I explained two ideas, one was to have a set of cards with one chapter of the dissertation on each fronts, so that we could compare easily the values described in each. The other idea was to have it designed to reflect each time I am talking about, for example the part about typography could have been letterpressed. This idea was too literal and quite cliché.
I am therefore going with the card system. I now have to figure out what’s on the back of the cards and how they work together.

About What If, the idea is nice, really contemporary blabla. Talking about it made me realise that there were two ideas behind my question, and that I should focus on one printed matter (most likely the book). Adding is a different idea than editing, so I should explore them separately. Paulus’ advice was to study the process of writing, but I am not sure this is what I want to do. He also advised me no to go too technical, but rather look into things like overprinting or annotating. He talked to me about Errata slips, that are sheets inserted into books to correct the mistakes that have been missed.
The brief asks me to raise the same question in different ways, so the outcome will be different exploratory objects.


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