visual ♘♘♘♘♘ context

November 7, 2010

Over the weekend I have been working a little bit on refining my context conclusion. It is looking more like a conclusion, althought it is not here yet!

But most importantly, I have thought a lot on my visual piece! I tried out the idea of cards. I experimented with formats in order to find one  that would be big enough to contain one paragraph. I choose to use a 3/4 proportion and to have it smaller than A5. So far the propositions are either 145 x193 or 148 x 197. I am not sure if cards would be the best idea so I am also going to try to make a double-sided poster with a kind of graph with all the values and media on the front and the main text on the back. I don’t know yet where the images would be.



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