November 10, 2010

Now that I am back from France (and, until I go to Spain), I can focus and finally do all the things I have to do!

Firstly, What If
I have been to the crit yesterday with nothing more than last time really. I will just write down the comments and suggestions I got, and go back to this project later (after context I guess).
† use ring binding, like huge rings
for example
† look for the biggest book ever -apparently it is the Wikipedia book with all the articles
† find extreme positions
† think about the book scale that is human

† think through the words I am using, like do I want to say binding
† if the e-books take over, printed books will be limited artefacts
† an installation might be a solution, for example a printer that prints forever on endless paper
† what is the most edited book?
† what is the positive side of finite objects, do humans understand infinity (like hyperlinks)
† leave the outcome open, what I am more interested in? What my comment would be?

Then context (I have seen my tutor yesterday),
When I saw my tutor a month ago, one of the first questions I asked if I didn’t have too many quotations. He replied: oh no, it’s good. And yesterday, the first thing he said to me was that I have too many quotations (although I reduced the amount myself since october). I now have to reformulate everything, he said, in order to not look like I am lacking ideas. Otherwise the rest is fine, the others comments were about putting the images next to where I refer to them in the text, and again, bigger titles and modify some of them.
I also talked about the visual piece, I am going to make cards, the dissertation will be split on the fronts, and the 3rd mind map I made a month ago, split at the backs. This mind map takes the values from oral and literate cultures I defined and relate them to media, the point is to show how these values are distrbuted. et voilà!



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