Mid-November weekend

November 14, 2010

This weekend has been a context weekend (how surprising).

I refined my writing, especially my introduction and my conclusion, added images and worked on my cards! About them, I am focusing on the front first, that means that I chose a typeface, a size, a format, margins etc. As for the back, I keep in mind the mind map (see photo below) but I want to think more about that as I want to avoid decoration. An alternative might be to split the dissertation in two parts, and put on the front of a card one section and the most opposite section on the back of it. But this migh turn to be really complicated.

third mind map ⤴

↟ a card example, notice the margins that allow the cards to be hold and read at the same time without any conflict between one’s eyes and one’s hand

a screenshot of the layout ⇑

☝ and another example with images

I choose the font Scala sans ⬆ for its non-lining figures and its good readability


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