November 15, 2010

Today’s ☑ list is nearly ☑!

My reading copy is nearly finished, I just need to spell check it, and read it again to make sure it makes sense.

I have been to falkiners to buy different papers to try for my cards.

I don’t know yet how thick I want them to be and if I print black and white or colour (or one colour?).

I also talked to Paul to clarify some points and booked the hostel in Porto.

Tonight I will finish my bibliography, and the cards first draft. Also read the reading copy and maybe have it read by somebody to check the spelling.

Tomorrow morning I will start the modes of design thing and have my tutorial with Paulus (for which I will have filled the form). I should also have a chat with Romain about this worth sharing.

Now the problems I need to adress are:
What is on the cards? everything? just the evidence?
How do I present them? in a box? wrapped into the bibliography or conclusion or introduction?
What is my title?
Where do I put my research report if it is not on the cards?


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