The evolution & influence of media

November 21, 2010

So… everything is printed and finished (99%).

The title of my context project is The evolution & influence of media, from the oral culture onwards. The visual piece is a set of cards wrapped in a cover-like paper. On the ‘cover’ there is the introduction, on the back the conclusion and inside, the research report. The whole thing holds with a paper band that goes around and slides up an down.

The box has 2 levels. The visual piece is at the top, and below are the modes of design and the reading copy. This system allows to have a quick idea of how the project is composed: the main piece and the backgroung of the piece underneath.

On the cards are the 3 evidences and all the visuals, they are the main ideas so it is relevant to move them around, and the structure (introduction, conclusion and research report) holds the cards (the ideas) together. Such a nice metaphore ☼

And yes there are leftovers.


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