back from Spain ✈

November 28, 2010

I have two weeks to do all I want to do before christmas break.

I have been to Galicia, in Spain, to attend the debut 2010 show. During my trip I have seen LOTS OF very cool things, nice old cities, churches and a crazy bridge and created innovative dance moves. I also bought this book

it has amazing engraving of animals such as the followings

Now that I am back in London I will do: first, no more context and second, a lot of screenprinting. I will also make christmas chocolates to offer then (but I keep secret my magic recipe). Basically, over the next 2 weeks I will make more poster/imposition/signature/booklets, 2 days of internship with Sabine, finish the what if project and at least 2 Caandides animations.

Enough talking for now, time to make!




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  1. […] Also, for the print matters I wanted my object to be a penguin, or the representation of a penguin (easier). So I will have a look at the 19th century study engravings such as those you can find in this book. […]

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