December 2, 2010

Today I have done a bit of work on what if. Actually I have done a lot of thinking and mock-ups.

I started by trying to make a pencil ink. I had a chat with Harvey and the conclusion was that it would be impossible to smash leads finely enough to print with it. The best solution is to use graphite powder (that was used before mixed with wax to make one’s own pencils). There is also another problem the paste used in screenprinting is based on acrylic so it might make the pencil stay on the paper, therefore impossible to rub out. Anyways, I tried with some bits of leads, paste and a brush, I am waiting for it to dry to check. I also notice the nice patterns created by the leads on the paper

Then I tried to ‘bind’ a ‘book’ with elastic band (or rubber band, depending on how you call it). To be frank I wasn’t sure of what I was doing but I thought I’d try…

It turned out quite hard and messy, and most importantly useless.

So, I thought I needed a break.

I decided to do some screenprinting and make another booklet like this one.

This time I wanted black and white and a numeric system to order the pages. If you want to try , you can count the page number, and work out the structure.

Also, I think screenprinting is really yummy and I really want to screenprint edible posters or images.

But I had to go back to what if. I kept on doing more experiments like overprinting

I thought that I would keep experimenting and make a publcation/box that collects all and explains the ideas etc.

But I am still not happy with all this. I chose to go back to the beginning and have a look at my others questions and try to develop from that. My first thought was: my question is stupid, it is impossible,it is a paradox. The only way to have a book that looked like a book but without beginning or end was to take it from the Internet.

I quite like the absurdity (or paradox) in this image, althought it might look like a lazy proposition.

I also thought of different things, I still need time to see if any of them is the answer to what I want to do.
I could make a book that would be two editions of it overprinted.
∵ I could focus on the still nature of the book, try to make one that is either soft, not durable, or inconsistent. Actually I like this but it is quite a tweak of the project. Or maybe not.
I could make installations like the one Paulus suggested with the printer, or less arty I think, having a book with big margins and a pen (or scissors etc) attached to it that impells people to edit it.

Yeah, that’s a lot to think about. I’ll come back to this later


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