December 6, 2010

Since last week’s workshop I have done some reading on the different interests I raised during the day, they were mostly about superstitions, spectacles, screenprinting, paradoxes, nonsenses, absurdities, irony, questioning traditions, ornaments, patterns and visual experiences. This list might sound a bit random but I think it is a nice toolbox to start with. I read some sections of the followings books because I wanted to dig a little bit into the different subjects and to refine my ideas of them.

The Empty raincoat deals with paradoxes in economy, and more less the society. It is not really  the topic I am interested in but it gives some leads on paradoxes. Why beliefs matter is about the relationship between science and religion, and the author (a Professor of Mathematics, and not some weird fanatic) explains how science is also about intuitions and faith (not the faith in god). I haven’t made my mind on Miracles yet, I still don’t know if it is a preacher for religion (christianity) or if there is an intention of proving an argument. Then The future of ritual explains the different reasons behind rituals, and looks into the essence of performance. It is really close at certain moments to some ideas in The psychology of superstition that I read over the summer.

I will write another post later that sums up my conclusions and (hopefully) will explain where I am going.


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