December 10, 2010

Last day of term! Already!


What is ahead?

First Sadhna’s briefing, today at 1.30 for the critical prototypes brief! I am going to work with the book, it is relevant regarding my previous projects, but also I have been wanted to work on that for a long time. I know that when I read it is most of the time not sitting in front of a table but rather in weird positions. This will be the starting point.

Second, Romain & I have finally put up this is worth sharing yesterday. I will post the link here once everything is polished. By the way, if by any chance you have a photo to send the email adress is: thisisworthsharing@gmail.com.

Then I might sneak in Phil Baines’ group to go to the exhibition they are going to. It will depend on how long it takes to finish T.I.W.S.

I am going back to Paris on sunday. I have to do a lot of work for Caandides gig next friday, but it will be fine. Sagmeister is giving a free talk in centre Pompidou next thursday so I should go there as well.

Over these holidays I will have to work on the prototypes, my self initated briefs, more caandides and finishing the what if (maybe?). And Edgware road of course!



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