❄❅❆ Mid-Break ❆❅❄

December 25, 2010

I wasn’t sure wether or not post something over the break, but I did.

What happened so far?

Caandides’ gig last week. It wasn’t to great, we had a lot of technical issues such as missing colours and a cropped screen. But I made the “porn” movie for winter VII ☟

I will post the video when I figure out how to lighten it.

I also worked out the pixels thing ☟

Same here I will try to make a video of it that I can publish here.

I also started my analysis for the Prototypes brief☟

I really want to focus on the object and how we use it rather than the layout design. I am looking at the different positions we read and how we hold the book. This idea came from my laziness when reading in the sun, but sun is hard to find at the moment, so I extended to everyday positions.

Finally I think I am on a good way for my first self-initiated brief. I am working on the tarot cards. I made lots of research and found amazing facts that I will detail later. But so far for this project I could design a couple of decks (there are different styles and illustations), or create a new style, or make one from Antique Egyptian civilization (you’ll understand later). In the meantime I will just show a couple of images…


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