⫷⫸ first day back ⫷⫸

January 10, 2011

For my first day back at uni I went to screenprinting in the morning (although I was supposed to work on my prototypes brief). And it was a good idea.

I was going to print the back of this, that I started last term as a part of the signature booklet serie. It took me an hour and a half to get the back (or front depending from where you see it) printed, it was a bit tedious but worth it. Ironically most of my time was spent looking for a rubber, and luckily Harvey found one in his drawers ⩔

Then I prepared everything. I needed two different cups of ‘ink’ one filled with paste and the other plain black ⩣

Then I started for real ⍢


and that’s what the screen looks like after ◭

While I was doing this Douglas told me about a machine that screenprints by sucking the ink down rather than spreading, it is apparently used to print on eggs…

After that I printed my analysis for tomorrow’s tutorial on my first self-initiated project which is about tarot. I was suggested by Romain to have a chat with Andrea Lioy, from context, so I tried to catch him but he was busy with master students. I sent him an email anyways, the die is cast.

It was a bit of chat day, since after that I talked to Douglas about making the actual prototypes for the critical prototypes brief. I am going to book binding tomorrow afternoon with a list of all that I want to try and we will make it together.

And after the welcome back meeting with the class I went back to screenprinting to try a couple of things out ◿

I made random unique patters with the palette knife, and I am very happy (I have to say) with the result. I think I will pursue  this, and see if I make it one of my self-initiated project or keep it as a personal thing, this will mostly depend on time.


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