Edgware road illness

January 14, 2011

If I havent been posting anything since monday it is not because I didn’t have much more to show but mostly because I was ill (again). I think being ill makes me antisocial besides making me useless. So, tuesday I attended all my crits (but that wil be the topic of another post) and wednesday I stayed in bed most of the day, therefore missing two meetings. I hope I will be able to make up for it.

Among others I missed the Edgware road interim crit (I think I could call it like this), and below are my thoughts etc (that I copied and pasted from the email I sent to Patrick to apologise and explain my idea) ☟

I thought I would go for how do you make up for the things you cannot find here and asked a couple of people around. Those who replied have their answers featured in the ‘booklet’. I need to polish the design, I was thinking of a restaurant menu alike spreads. It could even be laminated (but it might look really cheesy, as most of restaurant menus), or simply folded on card paper.

I want to add an introduction that explains a bit more the project, and the rest of what I said in the mail. I am thinkin of proof printing it today, or maybe do everything on monday (especialy to check the type size etc). I will look for colored papers as well.


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