January 14, 2011

Today I had the interim crit for the set brief #2 that is the critical prototypes for me. We were asked to bring the stage 1 of the brief that is (I’m quoting): reflecting the truth of how it is used or valued. This might reveal the dysfunctional qualities of the object or how users have improvised to make it work in an individual manner.

The funy fact is until wednesday I was focused on how to adress the problem that I raised from my analysis of people reading —it was books are tiring to hold, you can’t be lying in the sun and read a book for example, so I was making a humorous point that books should also be practical for lazy situations— and maybe being in my bed for the whole day made me realise that I was jumping off to stage two.

Anyways, all the following experiments are trying to highlight either how we hold the book, where our hands are, or the fact that the binding of the book doesn’t make it easy to open, it stays quite stiff, therefore we need both our hands to hold a book open.

☝ this one is the first of the not easy to open serie, to make it I glued the pages a bit more on the inside, therefore reducing the inner margins ☟

Then I tried to be a bit more subtle by only reinforcing the spine ☟

And I wanted to do the same with a hardback, but I had to find a super trick to put the glue between the spine and the cover (and that’s probably the most interesting fact) ☟

Actually I put so many photos because I found them a bit funny (and close ups always look good). Let’s get back to what I was saying, I put the brush through between the spine and the cover, put the PVA on it and then pulled it back while turning it to spread the glue a bit. It worked quite well but it wasn’t dry at the time of the crit so when people openned it it wasn’t as surprising as I wanted it to be.

The two following experiments are about the fact that we need to hold the book with both our hands.

☝ this one is a sort of result of too much holding, but also really disturbing because it becomes impossible to hold

☝ Unfortunatly I forgot to take a photo of the finished object, but I guess you can work it out. I basically added big margins on the sides to give some space for our hands to land and hold the book.

As feedback, there was some people that thought I was destroying the book (because it is a precious object), others thought that I was interpreting the story, but those who saw the books all together and try them all, understood what I was talking about.

So stage 1 is done, I might need to refine some of the prototypes but that’s all. Now I am going to make a book that ones can read when ones want to be ‘physically’ lazy but ‘intellectually’ active.


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  1. […] I also worked on two prototypes. I have put a cover on the margin book (see here) and made one of the prototype I will show friday […]

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