January 16, 2011

So, here’s my weekend so far (can’t believe I only got back to London last week).

Finished as much as I could for Edgware road, I am now waiting for the format guidelines.

Started the jacket for Caandides’ vinyl that should be out by next month. I don’t want to put images now because I don’t want to unveil it too much, so I will put some of the things we tried but didn’t choose when I will post the finished visuals. What I can say so far though, is that there are two songs on it, one on face A and the other on face B (quite logical so far), and what we want to do is to design the jacket as if each face was independent. We decided this because face B is a remix, so we are trying to imply that the songs are not really part of the same thing. This also gives us the chance to explore each song independenty and to focus on conveying each one the best way. In the meantime .

>>>and I forgot to say I am going to France on the 2nd feb to vj for Caandides for a big gig at the beaux arts de Caen. I am going to be paid and they refund us travel expenses and give us somewhere to stay overnight!

What I still have to do today is continue doodling for the critical prototypes and possibly go beyond these ▽, so that tomorrow I can get cracking at school.

Also, for the print matters I wanted my object to be a penguin, or the representation of a penguin (easier). So I will have a look at the 19th century study engravings such as those you can find in this book.

And finally, something that won’t take long to do, I have to gather my new research on tarot before I see Andrea Lioy tomorrow.

I think that’s it, I have roughly said everything that I wanted to say.


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