January 17, 2011

A quick summary of my tarot chat with Andrea.

† The meaning of the cards is specific, the representation can change though (he showed me a transparent game for example that had minimal representation on it and allowed you to overlap the cards to create little scenes).

† It has an Asian influence, thangkas or thangka or  tangka (there a several spellings) which are Tibetan Buddhist painting, but also it had taken symbols from muslim, jewish and christian culture. According to Andrea it was all put together in France to create the Tarot de Marseille.

† Etteila (a 18th century French ‘philosopher’) was really the first to say that tarot cards could be used for divination.

† The Minchiate might not have appeared before the tarot, apparently if you look carefuly to the additional trumps, the design is different from the others.

† There are about 3000 different decks currently in the world + the old ones. There are Disney tarots, City themed tarots, alchemy tarots, bugs, tarots, film tarots, etc. There is nearly a tarot deck for everything.

†† It is all about the system of symbols. How they relate to each other and why. So that’s what I need to understand in order to be able to design  deck (I think I will focus on the 22 trumps, or major arcana).

Now I need to know who I am doing it for and why. I also doubt of the relevance of designing another deck, so I have to think what else I could maybe make. I will come back to this later.


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