Prototypes ②

January 21, 2011

Below are the different things I tried with the prototypes for the stage 2 of the brief. I am not really satisfied because it is all very pragmatic and not that funny (or humorous at least). We don’t really feel the irony or the absurdity/tension between the book and the fact that is holds by itself (is a way). But anyways in the meantime:

1 †

2 † an attempt to make a ‘flat book’ with a hard cover that doesn’t close (so that the book can stay open more easily). There is a variation with a handle but I didn’t take a photo of it.

3 † a stand for the book

4 † ▽, I think this is the most promising idea of all because it is a bit subtle and funny. The one page book (not really paperfriendly though) that you can read while lying in your bed, ‘on the pillow’ and that you hold with one hand. So basically on the spreads, only one side is printed.

▵ this is the coptic binding version (that works best), for the left hand (lying on your right ear).

▵ this is a both hands version (but glue bound) that I have to make with a coptic binding. In this one you can turn and swap the hand that holds the book. It is more practical but less striking visually.

I will post later what has been said during the crit.


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