booklet plan

January 24, 2011

From the time I got home I have thought through what should be in the presentation booklet for the tarot project. I am making a booklet because it is an object easy to include in a portfolio (especially regarding the final assessment). I will probaly make it a bit big so that there are more spreads than pages (if that makes sense).

There are 4 sections, that could be differentiated by coloured papers.

⌛ History
An overview of the origins, the influences
What is the game composed of (78 cards, 56 suit cards + 22 trumps) & some specific vocabulary such as major arcana
How we came to use it for a divinatory purpose

☜ Examples
Of different versions of tarot de Marseille
Of what is already out there (themed tarots)
Of an attempt to add something to the game (transparent tarot)

▦ Analysis of the trumps
What has to be on the cards and what can change > the common threads (formal analysis)
What is the essence of each trump (meaning analysis)

✍ Exercises
The different exercises I gave myself in order to play with the symbols and create the toolbox
(Hopefully) the system I will therefore have created

Before all these I will write up a small introduction that explains my purpose in all this and why and who I am doing this for (the rationale).

I am looking forward to start this, although I feel it’s gonna take some time.


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