Tarot Crit Ⅰ

January 24, 2011

For the first ‘real’ crit on the tarot project I decided to give myself a couple of exercises in relation to how to express, by minimal means, the meaning of the tarot cards.

each post-it is my answer to one constraint. For example the green one is: rename the card with one adjective and one noun. ⇧Here, I called the hierophant the transcendent guide. (☟) all the names I gave.

The pink note is one sentence that describes the card, but I am not really satisfied with the results so far. On the orange one there is one sign that could stand for the card, but this one is a bit going a step ahead and also really hard because it has been done already in the transparent tarot ( ☟ ).

Finally, on the yellow note, a colour which symbolizes the best the idea enclosed in the card (☟).

I also tried to find a freemasonic symbol for each card but still I didn’t find enough that match perfectly.

But to begin with I wanted to give the people in the crit an overview of the tarot world (that sounds really cheesy) so I compiled a summary of the different themed tarot decks I came across (☟).

(check the gummy bear tarot)

Plus, I enriched the previous research with some more decks (☟).


It has been a bit hard to present (without counting the fact that I was stopped every 30 secs to be asked something). But on the other hand it is good because now I know that I have to prepare a really clear and precise introduction to the topic. I explained my process etc, but Annegrete was mostly concerned about the reasons to do this project, for instance who is for, what is it for?  She also advised me to anaylse the system already existing. I told her that the only that was here was that the cards kept their meaning, the format can change, they don’t have to be numbered or named, there is only one rule that is to keep the same archetypes or ideas. As Andrea told me last week I have to understand the system of symbols that is underlying, and then my job will be to communicate it and finally make up my own major arcana deck.

For the time being what I am going to work on is a sort of explanatory booklet (this is the system analysis + the meaning of each card and the symbols associated to them). Ideally I would have done that by next monday. Then I am going to go on with my exercises/experimentations and make them as proper cards (to put them into context). So I will go to screenprinting to make my own colours and print the colour cards. I will do the same with the names and all the post its I have already made. The purpose of this is to create a toolbox that I can use when the time will be to create my deck.

The second step, will be to create my own system for my cards. For example, do I put the names, the numbers, how do the cards relate to each other, how are they different, do I have characters? How to put my own point of view and how do I add a new dimension? Who do I design it for? Why do I design it for?

Hopefully the first step will be accomplished by monday and I will be able to answer the questions from the second step.


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