January 25, 2011

I finally didn’t go to uni today, I thought I would focus on making the tarot booklet. And, anyways, in the morning I went to Bow with Romain to take some samples from Paperback for the Edgware road publication. They have offered us very good prices for the paper, so far we can have all the paper for the spreads for 50 publications for less than £20.

Then I went home and made a mock-up that has half the pages (I didn’t get enough samples).

Since last week, I also did some work on my spreads but I still can’t figure out what to do. The only solution that I find satisfying takes too much space.

But as I said at the begining I did some good work on the tarot booklet and I have a better idea of what it will look like. Below is the grid I made and that I use so far. The size of the pages is 180 x 380 mm, the spread is therefore 360 x 380. This size equals 4 Visconti tarot cards spread out (each one mesures 90 x 190mm). The grid I created allows 7 columns for the images and 1 for captions and text. Since 7 is often referred to as a mystical number and is also a third of the number of trumps (21+1, 7×3+1), it makes sense to have this layout. I am going to finish it (the content) and then see if I finally print it on coloured paper (this is not the best idea to reproduce images), but I could probably find a trick. I am really hoping to have a mock-up by monday.

Below, the process of making the grid and an example.


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