Round-up crit

January 31, 2011

Here is what I brought:

† all the cards I made, the 3 very basic explorations with name, colours and sentences.

† and a print out of the book (in black and white because the colour printer didn’t work), I post the pdf here ☟. There are details to refine (plus finishing the booklet). And I modified the grid again to be able to work with smaller illustrations.

△ make the arrows thinner, add thumbnails of the cards I am referring to on the map

△ add more subtitles so that you don’t have to go through the text to know what the main parts are.

△ If possible try to have the same card (ie. the same trump from different decks) so that the comparison of styles is stronger. But I wanted this page to be more a quick overview of the different tarot decks that have been made. And try to put the name or theme of the decks.

△ Mix the images with the text.

△ this is the back cover made of the backs of cards

+ some alternatives (as I said I don’t like the full colour pages), whenever colour is optional I will replace it by duotones illustrations. This will also cool down the richness of the illustrations on the cards and to focus on what I say.

I am not sure that this pink works with cmyk illustrations as we can see on the spread with the map above, so I might just keep it for 1 spread.

Otherwise, the format is good, and having the book helps to understand the topic and get into it. It would be nice to add a small introduction to every page.

Yesterday, after having talked about all this with my flatmate I was a bit confused because I thought that making this book has distracted me from the real project —which it did— but on the other hand this object allows me to clarify my audience, which is actually the ‘jury’ for the final hand-in, non-tarot specialists (or at least it is my audience for the first part of the brief).

One way to justify this project and to take it to another audience than me would be to present it as an experiment with  systems of symbols (or communication) and the tarot cards as the support for this exploration.

But the next step (my next real deadline regarding this project is the mid-assessments) will be to finish the booklet and create my system. I am expecting to bring a mock-up of the final book to my group tutorial next tuesday, and hopefully more experiments with systems. Now, my exercises will focus on working with the cards as a whole rather than one after the other.

▷ What will the components of my system will be? How will they work each other? And above all what is the concept behind my deck?


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