February 6, 2011

For the ET project (which is about sending a message to aliens = audience we don’t know) I want to tell them  how they can communicate with us. So I thought about how does our body receive information, and it is through our 5 senses. I looked a bit at the definitions (just to make sure and to back up what I thought):

SIGHT (vision) faculty or power of seeing > perceiveing with eyes, discern visually.
HEARING (audition) faculty of perceiving sounds > perceive with the ears a sound
TASTE (gustation) sensation or flavour perceived in the mouth & throat on contact with a substance > perceiving or experiencing flavour
SMELL (olfaction) faculty or power of perceiving odours or scents by means of the organs in the nose > perceive or detect the odours or scents
TOUCH (tactition) come into contact with something

It is all about PERCEPTION (become aware or conscious of something —through the senses) and the organs or body parts asssociated to each sense (eye, ear, mouth, nose, hand —usually for touch). I decided to assume that my audience doesn’t know about science or diagrams and graph (for example light spectrum, of sound frequencies) and therefore I am looking into the ‘primitive’ pictograms such as hieroglyphs, cave paintings etc. I assume that they will recognize a human body. So basically the concept of my message is to highlight these parts on a human body. Then I might also have to add the concept of communication to the message and relate it to each organ.


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