☝☝ —crit

February 7, 2011

These notes and the 2 posts below are what I brought to the crit today.

What I am doing is looking into universal representations, and the kind of things like how to show a direction without using an arrow. The feedback:

♦ Wherever there’s more is where you start
♦ Look at J. Bertin’s semiology of graphics, R. Arnheim and the Gestat.
♦ Maybe use two people to show a relationship and therefore illustrating an ongoing communication
♦ How to represent sound and vision (no waves)
♦ My drawings look a bit like mexican codex, aztecs civilization
♦ Maybe show the fact that we choose to focus, for example we choose to open our eyes to see
♦ Reflect in the eye what is seen
♦ Have all these as part of an investigation process

♦♦ I am working on a visual language, and trying to go back to the basics.


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