February 16, 2011

Here are the photos of the black and white mock up (there won’t be any frame on the title page).

I will also write the comments from the final crit:

☝ I present the interaction (I guess it means when the senses react to sound or light etc)
☝ the perception drawing (when I only highlight the body parts related to the senses) could be the key or legend of the whole image
☝ I was worried about how to finalize it and Lizon talked about sending a postcard (I just thought it was funny)
☝ I need to have 2 different pictograms for the hand and for the arrow, ways of differentiating them could to fill one in, or to add an arm to the hand
☝Look at Gombrich’s history of arrows
☝ Lots of technical advice such as: make the lines thinner, have dotted line for the light or the sound, change the nose (too masculine) and the eyes (they look scared).

Also, my project is about visualising verbs rather than nouns (that’s where my challenge is), and also not knowing the audience (designing in a ‘universal’ way) is the challenge from the brief.


I have to finalise the pictograms, refine the drawings etc, maybe try with the whole body and zoom in. Then my message will have 2 parts, the first one where I just highlight the different senses, and secondly I show that they react and  illustrate the idea of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.


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