tarot update

March 8, 2011

Yesterday I had my crit with Paulus. I brought a couple more experiments and the concept for the deck I will create.

New experiments, the first one describes the most recurrent symbols that appear on the cards, and the second one with abstract illustrations (but it is still random).

I also brought my sketchbook (see post below). So my final deck’s concept (if I can say this) will be based on Jodorowsky’s description of the tarot game as a mandala, a big picture of the human kind in which you can zoom-in to specific moments or archetypes (this is from me). So the cards will all be linked when spread out, probably some patterns will run from one card to the other. I also intend to keep on experimenting with the meaning of the cards (strategic experiments to quote Paulus) and with the boundaries of the cards: at which point does it become something else than a tarot card?

Everything will be gathered in another booklet:

And finally here are the comments from the crit (not all relevant but anyways):
† try a minimalist tarot deck
† play with the rules and the conventions as ways around the symbols of the cards (whatever that means)
† the tarot is a system of visual stimuli that inspires you to read yourself (Paulus)
† is it like slot machines? how big is the element of randomness?
† use the difference between the spoken words and the written words
† make clear what are my contribution and my purpose


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