Tarot Crit

March 15, 2011

I finally figured out what will the outcome of my tarot project be → I am working on two different routes. One is experimenting and tackling the definition of a tarot card, moslty through minimalistic decks for instance. Aside, I am working on a more classical tarot deck, more like an illustration project. I will make two other booklets about each ‘route’, gathering research, experiments and failures, and make a proper deck of proper cards for each idea that will work (for both the experimental and classical route). SO far what  I brought to the crit.


☝ to start with, I wanted to keep it simple, therefore I tried to use a technique that will make me be simple (wood engraving for instance)

a deck that would be a list of the most recurrent symbols for each card

☝ more abstract cards

☝ more in depth exploration of (a) colour deck(s) using a proper system ☟

Now I’ll try and see if there is a possiblity to somehow combine them in a working deck

☝I tried to make a body mandala deck (still WIP)

And then about the other ‘route’ —the more classical deck— I put together some inspirational images (also see here)

Most of it is in the sketchbook, and I started this illustration for the magician card ☟


Basically the feedback I had was to make all these as proper cards


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