March 20, 2011

So, last week I spent 3 days doing a workshop with graphic students from Nôtre-Dame university in Bierut. We were divided into groups of 4, but due to the lack of CSM students instead of having 2 csm 2 nd we were 1 csm 3nd. Anyways, the brief took us to visit the several bridges of central London, mine was north Wesminster Bridge —ie Big Ben. After hours of discussion we couldn’t agree on one idea so we decide to each do one project around the idea of  alternative ways of visiting London, etc.  I will just put up the things that I have done so that they don’t get lost.

I made the cards you can see at the top of the post. Then, a Lebanese peer and I went back to the bidge to give them away and get some feedback from the people. Below are the scans of the papers we got back.

The cards are 2-sided, one is the usual sight-seeing tour and the other alternative activities at the same places.


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