many things happened #2

April 2, 2011

Over the past few days I have been working on finishing the first draft of the tarot/engraving/hybrid set (see above, there still are 3 missing). I also scaled them down to make sure the illustrations stay fine ☟

The plan for this is to finish the main illustrations, get in touch with tarot people to get feedback and eventually make them look like proper cards (do I put the number of the arcana, its name, is there a frame, is there colour, etc?)

I talked to Andrea as well. He gave me useful references and pointed two or three mistakes in the tarot booklet. The good news is that there is no hybrid animal tarot existing yet, but there are collage tarot that have been made (for example☟)
† The Victoria Regina, made out of victorian ads.
† The Tranformational tarot

Also, I learned that there is a tarot of the colours already existing (but it seems a bit random), and I found out a couple of abstract decks: here and there.


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