what if updates

May 1, 2011

☝ Flatplan of the booklet

The final piece of the what if project will be a booklet presenting, explaining and concluding on the project. If I have enough time I will also make one similar for the prototype project. I decided on a simple layout with one image/project per page and some sort of stripe or piece of paper with the explanations and process. When opened the format is proportional to paperbacks format (and fits in a A5 -economy).

☝ Flatplan of the stripes

☝ Reflection on the sizes

The mockup I made in order to work out the binding, the number of pages and stripes needed. I think I will try a perfect binding because with the section I have one stripe that doesn’t end in the right place.

☝ Some spreads (will be printed in colour)

☝ What it would look like with the stripes on

☝ Examples of stripes


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