Screenprinting updatez

November 10, 2011

I will start with some scans in reference to last week’s post (here)

☝ this is the first print I made last week (here)

☝ black and white with two layers (see the first layer here)

☝ and a close-up

☝ two-colours trial (first layer here)

☝ and a close-up


Then, what I quickly printed yesterday

I added a second layer to my 4-colours process print ☝ and here, that is the magenta

☝ screen

☝ the two layers, so far the overlapping and transparencies work quite well: where there are two layers it looks purple(ish)

☝ and a close-up

I also had a bit of time to try my new screen (this)

☝ I started with black

☝ first print

☝ second print, I passed the squeegee twice because I thought that some bits have been missed with only one go

☝ third print, three times squeegee, best result, the black is really black and there are a lot of details (still less than on the original of course)

☝ fourth print, I went 4 times but it moved at some point, the blurry effect isn’t that bad though

☝ this is a scan of the image I exposed on the screen, in comparison the prints are a bit ‘flattened’

☝ that is the acetate over the third print, we can see better where bits  are missing


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