November 13, 2011

some (bad) photos of my latest work in screenprinting

☝ I finished my four-colour process print (although there are three colours)


☝ I also tried to mix the colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) directly on the screen rather than working with three layers…

☝ …but it didn’t mix


☝ I tried to make another four-colour process print, with the intention of adding a layer of black, but I didn’t finish it because I thought that the colours transparencies were wrong and they didn’t overlapped well


☝ I made this to check how the process colours overlap and see which ones I need to modify for the best result. Here for instance the magenta is too transparent.

☝ Another one with a more opaque magenta, we can see that where there are magenta and cyan its purple and not deep blue anymore.


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