hand-made inkjet cmyk

January 14, 2012

I was thinking about the Byam Shaw exhibition, and what kind of poster would be suitable to promote it. How could I mix printmaking (especially screenprinting) with the digital technologies? I remembered the CMYK process printing that I explored recently with my prints and thought about doing it with an inkjet printer, by hand.

Basically, I made a random illlustration (see ☝) just to test the process, separated the 4 layers (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), made them as halftone images the same way you prepare your prints in screenprinting and then I printed the 4 layers separately on the printer.

I tried two different illustrations, one with a black that is 100% black (as ☝) and one with a black that is 100% cyan, magenta, yellow and black (as seen ☟) —also, sorry about the bad photos

☟ I explored different ways of printing such as starting by printing the black layer, then yellow, then magenta and finally cyan (usually you do it cmyk) ☟

But actually it doesn’t change anything.

☟ I also made a version without the black layer (that is to say cyan, magenta and yellow only)☟

What is also interesting is when the registration gets messed up, as it often happens in screenprinting.

☟ Beforehand I made some print tests as I wasn’t sure if the different layers should be transparent or not (because I would use very transparent inks in screenprinting) ☟

☝ c 75%, m 50%, y 75%, k 100%

☝ c 75%, m 75%, y 75%, k 100%

But I noticed it doesn’t need to be transparent as the printer’s inks are already meant to be overlapped to print full colour images.

So that’s it for the moment, I look forward to explore this in context!


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