March 6, 2012

As I explained earlier (see here), I reproduced one of my prints with the CMYK technique, using both process and fluorescent inks.

In the first place I ran ink tests to make sure each layer would overlap properly

▴ process inks test

▴ both fluo inks tests

▴ This is the print that I used for my experimentations

▴ CMYK version

▴ CMY version

This is really yellow, so I might change the transparency of the yellow ink for the next prints. I find yellow really hard to get because both cyan and magenta are equal in terms of intensity but because yellow is really light I am always afraid to make it too transparent.

Next are the fluo and mixed versions… (please note that these are scans, therefore the rendition of the fluorescent colours is not true to the reality). I’ll use the following abreviations for the colours, fluorescent blue: B, fluorescent pink: P, fluorescent yellow: Yf, and I’ll keep C for cyan, M for magenta, Y for yellow and K for black.

The registration of the print isn’t really succesful, especially were there are fluo colours.

▴ BPYf


▴ CPYf


▴ not sure about this one but I reckon it is BMYfK

▴ CMYf

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