August 16, 2012

With more caandides gigs coming up (look forward to the newsletters), some being in broad daylight and some not offering the possibilities of projecting, Gabriel Wéber and myself () have been working on making tshirts for the musicians on stage.

The first idea was to hint at the animations on the tshirts by using some of their elements -see

We were going to paint simpler versions of these (not having access to a sreenprinting workshop at the moment).

Then Gabriel suggested using a visual thats not an animation to make it unique to the tshirts, for instance he was thinking about this.

This version is obviously complete fanstasy, unless we get our hands on a numeric printer and learn to sew tshirts.

The more realistic outcome we thought of was to use transfer paper, although its a bit cheap in terms of quality it might do the trick for people standing on a stage -see the different sketches

Thinking about that technique of transfer paper and how we could tweek it, we decided to put the print on a crinkled surface and iron it this way to have the image desconstructed (which also fits the mess in the visual), we think (/hope) it will look a bit like this

I’ll post the results later on.

In the meantime here are the 4 visuals we will use (maybe I’ll make them a bit more different from one another).


  1. […] we tried the transfer paper onto the crinkled tshirt technique I talked about here. Below are the different steps of printing the image ☟ ☟ […]

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