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First Drafts -byam shaw exhib- 100 days of printmaking

January 19, 2012

☹ ☠ ☹

I have been experimenting with the hand-made inkjet technique for the Byam Shaw exhib ‘poster’. The name for the show  is most likely to be a 100 days of printmaking, in reference to the 100 years of printmaking at csm exhib. After dozens of sleepless nights I came with the wonderful idea of using the name only, simply with different colours for the letters and set in size 100pt (see screenshots of the impressive artwork ☟)

☟ the different layers

✄ This was the starting point ✎

☟check out the different printed versions from the same file☟

☝ on this one I swapped the colours: the cyan layer is printed in magenta, the magenta in yellow, I skipped the yellow layer and kept the black one black.


☹ ☠ ☹


Following this idea I played with different frequencies when making the halftones, I used 30lpi on the previous prints but for the next one (☟) I used 15 for the cyan layer, 30 for the magenta, 55 for the yellow and 30 for the black. see for yourself:

☝ It creates patterns (doted patterns to be precise) but I’m not too fond of this because it takes abit  over the inital idea and make the whole image more complicated.


☹ ☠ ☹


Looking back at the first prints I thought that 30lpi was a bit big for the size of the print and I wanted to refine it a bit so I decided to use 40lpi for the other halftones ☟

☝ initial work

☝ the 4 layers (cmyk) overlapped on photoshop

And of course the print ☟


☹ ☠ ☹


Another path I went down —or I could go down depending on how I will use the posters— is to have 1 big letter by sheet, therefore I would write the name of the show by aligning A4 sheets like these☟



☹ ☠ ☹


Finally, I tried a more subtle way to introduce different tones and have the process colours overlapping with my good friend the gradient☟

☝ screenshots

☟ prints, the first one s without the black layer, the second with it.


☹ ☠ ☹ ☹ ☠ ☹ ☹ ☠ ☹


What I get from these so far is that I will probably use A4 as the standard format and my small inkjet printer. I want the final outcome to be true to the process and actually print the posters this way rather than scan one, enlarge it and print it again.

▣ ▣

January 12, 2012

Today I framed two of my prints from last year that will be exhibited at Byam Shaw (there) along with other works. This exhibition is a complement to the ‘100 years of printmaking at Central Saint Martins‘ and will feature recent works done by students and graduates using printmaking.