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The evolution & influence of media

November 21, 2010

So… everything is printed and finished (99%).

The title of my context project is The evolution & influence of media, from the oral culture onwards. The visual piece is a set of cards wrapped in a cover-like paper. On the ‘cover’ there is the introduction, on the back the conclusion and inside, the research report. The whole thing holds with a paper band that goes around and slides up an down.

The box has 2 levels. The visual piece is at the top, and below are the modes of design and the reading copy. This system allows to have a quick idea of how the project is composed: the main piece and the backgroung of the piece underneath.

On the cards are the 3 evidences and all the visuals, they are the main ideas so it is relevant to move them around, and the structure (introduction, conclusion and research report) holds the cards (the ideas) together. Such a nice metaphore ☼

And yes there are leftovers.



November 19, 2010

click on the image, it's worth it


November 16, 2010

Had a chat with Paulus about context and our self-initiated briefs.

On the cards there will be: the 3 evidences (from orality to literacy, the distribution and the redistribution) & the images (one on each card).

The cards are most likely to be wrapped into the introduction ☟

On the back of the intro there will be the bibliography and the conclusion.

I still don’t know what to do with the research report, neither how to adress the sections that are too long to fit on one card. I might just split them in the end.
Now I have to choose which paper I will use (Paulus’ advice was go for thick), and try to print on it in color. Finalize the type (for example for the pictures captions), make sure every details is fine and when I will have the final version of the text I will put it on the cards.

I also bought an A4 Muji box.

November 15, 2010

Today’s ☑ list is nearly ☑!

My reading copy is nearly finished, I just need to spell check it, and read it again to make sure it makes sense.

I have been to falkiners to buy different papers to try for my cards.

I don’t know yet how thick I want them to be and if I print black and white or colour (or one colour?).

I also talked to Paul to clarify some points and booked the hostel in Porto.

Tonight I will finish my bibliography, and the cards first draft. Also read the reading copy and maybe have it read by somebody to check the spelling.

Tomorrow morning I will start the modes of design thing and have my tutorial with Paulus (for which I will have filled the form). I should also have a chat with Romain about this worth sharing.

Now the problems I need to adress are:
What is on the cards? everything? just the evidence?
How do I present them? in a box? wrapped into the bibliography or conclusion or introduction?
What is my title?
Where do I put my research report if it is not on the cards?

Mid-November weekend

November 14, 2010

This weekend has been a context weekend (how surprising).

I refined my writing, especially my introduction and my conclusion, added images and worked on my cards! About them, I am focusing on the front first, that means that I chose a typeface, a size, a format, margins etc. As for the back, I keep in mind the mind map (see photo below) but I want to think more about that as I want to avoid decoration. An alternative might be to split the dissertation in two parts, and put on the front of a card one section and the most opposite section on the back of it. But this migh turn to be really complicated.

third mind map ⤴

↟ a card example, notice the margins that allow the cards to be hold and read at the same time without any conflict between one’s eyes and one’s hand

a screenshot of the layout ⇑

☝ and another example with images

I choose the font Scala sans ⬆ for its non-lining figures and its good readability


November 10, 2010

Now that I am back from France (and, until I go to Spain), I can focus and finally do all the things I have to do!

Firstly, What If
I have been to the crit yesterday with nothing more than last time really. I will just write down the comments and suggestions I got, and go back to this project later (after context I guess).
† use ring binding, like huge rings
for example
† look for the biggest book ever -apparently it is the Wikipedia book with all the articles
† find extreme positions
† think about the book scale that is human

† think through the words I am using, like do I want to say binding
† if the e-books take over, printed books will be limited artefacts
† an installation might be a solution, for example a printer that prints forever on endless paper
† what is the most edited book?
† what is the positive side of finite objects, do humans understand infinity (like hyperlinks)
† leave the outcome open, what I am more interested in? What my comment would be?

Then context (I have seen my tutor yesterday),
When I saw my tutor a month ago, one of the first questions I asked if I didn’t have too many quotations. He replied: oh no, it’s good. And yesterday, the first thing he said to me was that I have too many quotations (although I reduced the amount myself since october). I now have to reformulate everything, he said, in order to not look like I am lacking ideas. Otherwise the rest is fine, the others comments were about putting the images next to where I refer to them in the text, and again, bigger titles and modify some of them.
I also talked about the visual piece, I am going to make cards, the dissertation will be split on the fronts, and the 3rd mind map I made a month ago, split at the backs. This mind map takes the values from oral and literate cultures I defined and relate them to media, the point is to show how these values are distrbuted. et voilà!


visual ♘♘♘♘♘ context

November 7, 2010

Over the weekend I have been working a little bit on refining my context conclusion. It is looking more like a conclusion, althought it is not here yet!

But most importantly, I have thought a lot on my visual piece! I tried out the idea of cards. I experimented with formats in order to find one  that would be big enough to contain one paragraph. I choose to use a 3/4 proportion and to have it smaller than A5. So far the propositions are either 145 x193 or 148 x 197. I am not sure if cards would be the best idea so I am also going to try to make a double-sided poster with a kind of graph with all the values and media on the front and the main text on the back. I don’t know yet where the images would be.



November 4, 2010

After meeting with Paulus tuesday:

About context, it is better to make a piece that contains the whole dissertation. Regarding my case I explained two ideas, one was to have a set of cards with one chapter of the dissertation on each fronts, so that we could compare easily the values described in each. The other idea was to have it designed to reflect each time I am talking about, for example the part about typography could have been letterpressed. This idea was too literal and quite cliché.
I am therefore going with the card system. I now have to figure out what’s on the back of the cards and how they work together.

About What If, the idea is nice, really contemporary blabla. Talking about it made me realise that there were two ideas behind my question, and that I should focus on one printed matter (most likely the book). Adding is a different idea than editing, so I should explore them separately. Paulus’ advice was to study the process of writing, but I am not sure this is what I want to do. He also advised me no to go too technical, but rather look into things like overprinting or annotating. He talked to me about Errata slips, that are sheets inserted into books to correct the mistakes that have been missed.
The brief asks me to raise the same question in different ways, so the outcome will be different exploratory objects.