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Hand-made trimming

January 27, 2011

Today I had a bit of time in uni so I thought I would trim my prototypes from Sadhna’s brief. I asked Douglas to help me doing it on the guillotine. But what is important is that he told me how to do that by hand! An old school way of trimming books, by using a plough and moving it back and forth on the book.

There is a blade (just in the shadow on the photo) that you sharpen beforehand and then you move this blade forward as you move the plough.

And it cuts the pages properly!



January 22, 2011

See this post.

I didn’t really have a lot of feedback. I have been told to pay attention to how people react to what I present them. For example I don’t really like the stand one, but some did think that it was a strong statement. I don’t really know if I should have one prototype  that I present as a final answer or if I should show them all as part of an experiment around the problem I raised.

Anyways, the next step if to refine them and photograph them in a context that communicates the symbolism of each, for example the pillow book on a pillow.

Prototypes ②

January 21, 2011

Below are the different things I tried with the prototypes for the stage 2 of the brief. I am not really satisfied because it is all very pragmatic and not that funny (or humorous at least). We don’t really feel the irony or the absurdity/tension between the book and the fact that is holds by itself (is a way). But anyways in the meantime:

1 †

2 † an attempt to make a ‘flat book’ with a hard cover that doesn’t close (so that the book can stay open more easily). There is a variation with a handle but I didn’t take a photo of it.

3 † a stand for the book

4 † ▽, I think this is the most promising idea of all because it is a bit subtle and funny. The one page book (not really paperfriendly though) that you can read while lying in your bed, ‘on the pillow’ and that you hold with one hand. So basically on the spreads, only one side is printed.

▵ this is the coptic binding version (that works best), for the left hand (lying on your right ear).

▵ this is a both hands version (but glue bound) that I have to make with a coptic binding. In this one you can turn and swap the hand that holds the book. It is more practical but less striking visually.

I will post later what has been said during the crit.


January 17, 2011

Today I also worked on two prototypes. I have put a cover on the margin book (see here) and made one of the prototype I will show friday ▼

I will put better photos of the books later…


January 16, 2011

So, here’s my weekend so far (can’t believe I only got back to London last week).

Finished as much as I could for Edgware road, I am now waiting for the format guidelines.

Started the jacket for Caandides’ vinyl that should be out by next month. I don’t want to put images now because I don’t want to unveil it too much, so I will put some of the things we tried but didn’t choose when I will post the finished visuals. What I can say so far though, is that there are two songs on it, one on face A and the other on face B (quite logical so far), and what we want to do is to design the jacket as if each face was independent. We decided this because face B is a remix, so we are trying to imply that the songs are not really part of the same thing. This also gives us the chance to explore each song independenty and to focus on conveying each one the best way. In the meantime .

>>>and I forgot to say I am going to France on the 2nd feb to vj for Caandides for a big gig at the beaux arts de Caen. I am going to be paid and they refund us travel expenses and give us somewhere to stay overnight!

What I still have to do today is continue doodling for the critical prototypes and possibly go beyond these ▽, so that tomorrow I can get cracking at school.

Also, for the print matters I wanted my object to be a penguin, or the representation of a penguin (easier). So I will have a look at the 19th century study engravings such as those you can find in this book.

And finally, something that won’t take long to do, I have to gather my new research on tarot before I see Andrea Lioy tomorrow.

I think that’s it, I have roughly said everything that I wanted to say.


January 14, 2011

Today I had the interim crit for the set brief #2 that is the critical prototypes for me. We were asked to bring the stage 1 of the brief that is (I’m quoting): reflecting the truth of how it is used or valued. This might reveal the dysfunctional qualities of the object or how users have improvised to make it work in an individual manner.

The funy fact is until wednesday I was focused on how to adress the problem that I raised from my analysis of people reading —it was books are tiring to hold, you can’t be lying in the sun and read a book for example, so I was making a humorous point that books should also be practical for lazy situations— and maybe being in my bed for the whole day made me realise that I was jumping off to stage two.

Anyways, all the following experiments are trying to highlight either how we hold the book, where our hands are, or the fact that the binding of the book doesn’t make it easy to open, it stays quite stiff, therefore we need both our hands to hold a book open.

☝ this one is the first of the not easy to open serie, to make it I glued the pages a bit more on the inside, therefore reducing the inner margins ☟

Then I tried to be a bit more subtle by only reinforcing the spine ☟

And I wanted to do the same with a hardback, but I had to find a super trick to put the glue between the spine and the cover (and that’s probably the most interesting fact) ☟

Actually I put so many photos because I found them a bit funny (and close ups always look good). Let’s get back to what I was saying, I put the brush through between the spine and the cover, put the PVA on it and then pulled it back while turning it to spread the glue a bit. It worked quite well but it wasn’t dry at the time of the crit so when people openned it it wasn’t as surprising as I wanted it to be.

The two following experiments are about the fact that we need to hold the book with both our hands.

☝ this one is a sort of result of too much holding, but also really disturbing because it becomes impossible to hold

☝ Unfortunatly I forgot to take a photo of the finished object, but I guess you can work it out. I basically added big margins on the sides to give some space for our hands to land and hold the book.

As feedback, there was some people that thought I was destroying the book (because it is a precious object), others thought that I was interpreting the story, but those who saw the books all together and try them all, understood what I was talking about.

So stage 1 is done, I might need to refine some of the prototypes but that’s all. Now I am going to make a book that ones can read when ones want to be ‘physically’ lazy but ‘intellectually’ active.

⫷⫸ first day back ⫷⫸

January 10, 2011

For my first day back at uni I went to screenprinting in the morning (although I was supposed to work on my prototypes brief). And it was a good idea.

I was going to print the back of this, that I started last term as a part of the signature booklet serie. It took me an hour and a half to get the back (or front depending from where you see it) printed, it was a bit tedious but worth it. Ironically most of my time was spent looking for a rubber, and luckily Harvey found one in his drawers ⩔

Then I prepared everything. I needed two different cups of ‘ink’ one filled with paste and the other plain black ⩣

Then I started for real ⍢


and that’s what the screen looks like after ◭

While I was doing this Douglas told me about a machine that screenprints by sucking the ink down rather than spreading, it is apparently used to print on eggs…

After that I printed my analysis for tomorrow’s tutorial on my first self-initiated project which is about tarot. I was suggested by Romain to have a chat with Andrea Lioy, from context, so I tried to catch him but he was busy with master students. I sent him an email anyways, the die is cast.

It was a bit of chat day, since after that I talked to Douglas about making the actual prototypes for the critical prototypes brief. I am going to book binding tomorrow afternoon with a list of all that I want to try and we will make it together.

And after the welcome back meeting with the class I went back to screenprinting to try a couple of things out ◿

I made random unique patters with the palette knife, and I am very happy (I have to say) with the result. I think I will pursue  this, and see if I make it one of my self-initiated project or keep it as a personal thing, this will mostly depend on time.

❄❅❆ Mid-Break ❆❅❄

December 25, 2010

I wasn’t sure wether or not post something over the break, but I did.

What happened so far?

Caandides’ gig last week. It wasn’t to great, we had a lot of technical issues such as missing colours and a cropped screen. But I made the “porn” movie for winter VII ☟

I will post the video when I figure out how to lighten it.

I also worked out the pixels thing ☟

Same here I will try to make a video of it that I can publish here.

I also started my analysis for the Prototypes brief☟

I really want to focus on the object and how we use it rather than the layout design. I am looking at the different positions we read and how we hold the book. This idea came from my laziness when reading in the sun, but sun is hard to find at the moment, so I extended to everyday positions.

Finally I think I am on a good way for my first self-initiated brief. I am working on the tarot cards. I made lots of research and found amazing facts that I will detail later. But so far for this project I could design a couple of decks (there are different styles and illustations), or create a new style, or make one from Antique Egyptian civilization (you’ll understand later). In the meantime I will just show a couple of images…


December 10, 2010

Last day of term! Already!


What is ahead?

First Sadhna’s briefing, today at 1.30 for the critical prototypes brief! I am going to work with the book, it is relevant regarding my previous projects, but also I have been wanted to work on that for a long time. I know that when I read it is most of the time not sitting in front of a table but rather in weird positions. This will be the starting point.

Second, Romain & I have finally put up this is worth sharing yesterday. I will post the link here once everything is polished. By the way, if by any chance you have a photo to send the email adress is:

Then I might sneak in Phil Baines’ group to go to the exhibition they are going to. It will depend on how long it takes to finish T.I.W.S.

I am going back to Paris on sunday. I have to do a lot of work for Caandides gig next friday, but it will be fine. Sagmeister is giving a free talk in centre Pompidou next thursday so I should go there as well.

Over these holidays I will have to work on the prototypes, my self initated briefs, more caandides and finishing the what if (maybe?). And Edgware road of course!