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edgware road observer’s book

March 1, 2011


finished edgware road

February 24, 2011

Thanks to a good team work we have finished binding the books yesterday! We now only need to trim them and that will be it!


February 10, 2011

Finally finished the Edgware road layout today!!! Thanks to Carla for having done most of the design over the weekend! It is now going to print, it should look good!

In the meantime some excerpts from the pdf


January 30, 2011

Over the weekend I uploaded the final file for my spreads in the Edgware road publication ☟.

I decided to gather the infos by theme so that I can still have them big, and it doesn’t take 50 pages. For example there is a page for yoghurts, or one for lunches and dinners.

January 25, 2011

I finally didn’t go to uni today, I thought I would focus on making the tarot booklet. And, anyways, in the morning I went to Bow with Romain to take some samples from Paperback for the Edgware road publication. They have offered us very good prices for the paper, so far we can have all the paper for the spreads for 50 publications for less than £20.

Then I went home and made a mock-up that has half the pages (I didn’t get enough samples).

Since last week, I also did some work on my spreads but I still can’t figure out what to do. The only solution that I find satisfying takes too much space.

But as I said at the begining I did some good work on the tarot booklet and I have a better idea of what it will look like. Below is the grid I made and that I use so far. The size of the pages is 180 x 380 mm, the spread is therefore 360 x 380. This size equals 4 Visconti tarot cards spread out (each one mesures 90 x 190mm). The grid I created allows 7 columns for the images and 1 for captions and text. Since 7 is often referred to as a mystical number and is also a third of the number of trumps (21+1, 7×3+1), it makes sense to have this layout. I am going to finish it (the content) and then see if I finally print it on coloured paper (this is not the best idea to reproduce images), but I could probably find a trick. I am really hoping to have a mock-up by monday.

Below, the process of making the grid and an example.


January 16, 2011

So, here’s my weekend so far (can’t believe I only got back to London last week).

Finished as much as I could for Edgware road, I am now waiting for the format guidelines.

Started the jacket for Caandides’ vinyl that should be out by next month. I don’t want to put images now because I don’t want to unveil it too much, so I will put some of the things we tried but didn’t choose when I will post the finished visuals. What I can say so far though, is that there are two songs on it, one on face A and the other on face B (quite logical so far), and what we want to do is to design the jacket as if each face was independent. We decided this because face B is a remix, so we are trying to imply that the songs are not really part of the same thing. This also gives us the chance to explore each song independenty and to focus on conveying each one the best way. In the meantime .

>>>and I forgot to say I am going to France on the 2nd feb to vj for Caandides for a big gig at the beaux arts de Caen. I am going to be paid and they refund us travel expenses and give us somewhere to stay overnight!

What I still have to do today is continue doodling for the critical prototypes and possibly go beyond these ▽, so that tomorrow I can get cracking at school.

Also, for the print matters I wanted my object to be a penguin, or the representation of a penguin (easier). So I will have a look at the 19th century study engravings such as those you can find in this book.

And finally, something that won’t take long to do, I have to gather my new research on tarot before I see Andrea Lioy tomorrow.

I think that’s it, I have roughly said everything that I wanted to say.

Edgware road illness

January 14, 2011

If I havent been posting anything since monday it is not because I didn’t have much more to show but mostly because I was ill (again). I think being ill makes me antisocial besides making me useless. So, tuesday I attended all my crits (but that wil be the topic of another post) and wednesday I stayed in bed most of the day, therefore missing two meetings. I hope I will be able to make up for it.

Among others I missed the Edgware road interim crit (I think I could call it like this), and below are my thoughts etc (that I copied and pasted from the email I sent to Patrick to apologise and explain my idea) ☟

I thought I would go for how do you make up for the things you cannot find here and asked a couple of people around. Those who replied have their answers featured in the ‘booklet’. I need to polish the design, I was thinking of a restaurant menu alike spreads. It could even be laminated (but it might look really cheesy, as most of restaurant menus), or simply folded on card paper.

I want to add an introduction that explains a bit more the project, and the rest of what I said in the mail. I am thinkin of proof printing it today, or maybe do everything on monday (especialy to check the type size etc). I will look for colored papers as well.


December 9, 2010

Yesterday I attended two talks and had a very constructive chat with Patrick for Edgware road. Let’s start with this.

My work for the publication will be a complete object, the whole thing will probably be a collection of all projects. I am changing my theme more or less because I was going to end up with too little time in the end. The new theme started from the discussion I had with Haya about the arabic world, and how you behave when you are in an other country. The difference between being arabic in England or in Kuwait, or being French in Paris or in London. How do we make up for the things we don’t have? How home-culture can be exaggerated and more conservative. How do we adapt? I will talk from my own experience and from what the people I met told me. I am excited about that, and looking forward to work on it.

Then Rathna gave us a talk on small presses +wine and mince pies. I really liked that talk, good references and good knowledge. It was about small presses, and that they  aren’t big presses that produce less. They are about publishing things, doing what you like, use what you have/can, and follow your instinct. Basically do what you want to do and get it out there. There were really nice examples such as the AtoZ cover by Trigram (I can’t find the photo and I don’t want to post my shitty doodle).

Finally I went to the Christmas lecture, Jonathan Barnbrook was speaking about his work and why making new typefaces is important. It was quite interesting although I didn’t get everything since he was mumbling most of the time.

✯ edgware road — proposal

November 29, 2010

Patrick’s respose to my ‘proposal’ ⬆

I quite like the idea to add to the pages rather than making a spread. I think it would add some sort of noise to the publication, therefore convey the ambiance and feeling of the road. The elements I will add would be visual anecdotes or nonsense in reaction to the page I add to, or historical facts.

I also found this website that spreads out the road shops. It is a good source of images and information.

Edgware Road Project

November 11, 2010

With the Print Matters and Patrick Lacey we are doing a publication about Edgware road for CAMP and the Centre for possible studies (which is a project of the Serpentine Gallery).

The first thing I thought was that it is like a big Bethnal Green Road (where I live), in Arabic.

Then I saw theseand thought that it was amazing that Chinese shops always have chinese characters wherever they are, be it on an arabic road, indian district, France, etc. This might be a starting point for my spread in the publication.