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Iñigo Montoya! INIGEP03

September 24, 2019

Winter IX – cover design

October 3, 2013

I still haven’t said a word about the design of the latest Caandides EP (see here) that we created with Gabriel Wéber.


the front, the cd and the back

The starting point was the idea of a map and more widely the cartography. We did quite a lot of iterations on that theme, always thinking about a system that could apply to both album and EP, and also, looking for an evolution from the smallest format to the biggest (click on image below to see a selection of experiments).


Inspired by coats of arms, we tried to create a series of emblems, one for each song, added to a pattern that will remind of maps (there are some experimentations with heraldic emblems on the iterations above). For the design, we wanted to take advantage of the fact that each Winters’ song is numbered (Winter IX, Winter VII…), and therefore dividing the square in 9 or 7 parts.


The final proposition (see below) is an abstract use of patterns and grids suggesting the idea of mapping. Each of this pattern defines a territory labelled by a coat of arms. We designed the arms as abstract landscapes with a certain number of elements in relation to the Winter song they illustrate: there are 9 hills for Winter IX and 7 waves for Winter VII. To illustrate the remixes, we used brisures on the arms (such as the mermaid) to distinguish themselves from the original while keeping the filiation.


On the back (where there is the tracklist) we used a graph and coordinates to organize the tracklist. For example the first song is positioned at (1,1), the second at (2,2) and the fourth at (1,4).




Above is an alternative artwork for a limited edition of the EP, there is an additional remix. You can work out the logic of the system by comparing this cover and the cover of the ‘normal’ edition below.