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March 22, 2011

While there is still a working colour printer at uni I printed the different booklet I will have to print for my assesment anyways.

△ the tarot booklet (I also screenprinted the covers and had time to screw up the binding)

△ And the ET iteration booklet, that I have to bind and trim


I also started to finish to bind my colour notebooks ▽



February 16, 2011

Here are the photos of the black and white mock up (there won’t be any frame on the title page).

I will also write the comments from the final crit:

☝ I present the interaction (I guess it means when the senses react to sound or light etc)
☝ the perception drawing (when I only highlight the body parts related to the senses) could be the key or legend of the whole image
☝ I was worried about how to finalize it and Lizon talked about sending a postcard (I just thought it was funny)
☝ I need to have 2 different pictograms for the hand and for the arrow, ways of differentiating them could to fill one in, or to add an arm to the hand
☝Look at Gombrich’s history of arrows
☝ Lots of technical advice such as: make the lines thinner, have dotted line for the light or the sound, change the nose (too masculine) and the eyes (they look scared).

Also, my project is about visualising verbs rather than nouns (that’s where my challenge is), and also not knowing the audience (designing in a ‘universal’ way) is the challenge from the brief.


I have to finalise the pictograms, refine the drawings etc, maybe try with the whole body and zoom in. Then my message will have 2 parts, the first one where I just highlight the different senses, and secondly I show that they react and  illustrate the idea of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.


February 16, 2011

here is the first mock up of the booklet in which I will put all my research and iterations on the ET project. I want to have the less text possible so I will only have the title and maybe one sentence explaining my message. I want the final outcome of this project to be one big image (poster).


February 10, 2011

mooore sketches

I read that aztecs were showing directions with footprints, which is a good example of implying movement in a universal way (although it might look weird applied to something else than humans). I also thought about when you try to communicate with somebody that doesn’t speak the same language as you and how much you use gesture and especially point at things to explain what you are ‘talking’ about, hence the pointing hands drawings.

☝☝ —crit

February 7, 2011

These notes and the 2 posts below are what I brought to the crit today.

What I am doing is looking into universal representations, and the kind of things like how to show a direction without using an arrow. The feedback:

♦ Wherever there’s more is where you start
♦ Look at J. Bertin’s semiology of graphics, R. Arnheim and the Gestat.
♦ Maybe use two people to show a relationship and therefore illustrating an ongoing communication
♦ How to represent sound and vision (no waves)
♦ My drawings look a bit like mexican codex, aztecs civilization
♦ Maybe show the fact that we choose to focus, for example we choose to open our eyes to see
♦ Reflect in the eye what is seen
♦ Have all these as part of an investigation process

♦♦ I am working on a visual language, and trying to go back to the basics.

☝☝ —sketches

February 7, 2011

☝☝ —research

February 7, 2011

February 6, 2011

For the ET project (which is about sending a message to aliens = audience we don’t know) I want to tell them  how they can communicate with us. So I thought about how does our body receive information, and it is through our 5 senses. I looked a bit at the definitions (just to make sure and to back up what I thought):

SIGHT (vision) faculty or power of seeing > perceiveing with eyes, discern visually.
HEARING (audition) faculty of perceiving sounds > perceive with the ears a sound
TASTE (gustation) sensation or flavour perceived in the mouth & throat on contact with a substance > perceiving or experiencing flavour
SMELL (olfaction) faculty or power of perceiving odours or scents by means of the organs in the nose > perceive or detect the odours or scents
TOUCH (tactition) come into contact with something

It is all about PERCEPTION (become aware or conscious of something —through the senses) and the organs or body parts asssociated to each sense (eye, ear, mouth, nose, hand —usually for touch). I decided to assume that my audience doesn’t know about science or diagrams and graph (for example light spectrum, of sound frequencies) and therefore I am looking into the ‘primitive’ pictograms such as hieroglyphs, cave paintings etc. I assume that they will recognize a human body. So basically the concept of my message is to highlight these parts on a human body. Then I might also have to add the concept of communication to the message and relate it to each organ.