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IÑIGO MONTOYA! ** MDTG ** teasers

October 9, 2019



Iñigo Montoya! INIGEP03

September 24, 2019


November 21, 2018

☝︎ artwork for Pion 3rd release

☟ artwork for Iñigo Montoya’s remix of Pion’s single.

Iñigo Montoya! live

November 21, 2018

photos from Iñigo montoya! latest gigs.

photos above ©steven monteau

photos above ©antoine jarzabek

Iñigo Montoya! loops

April 27, 2018

Some looping experiments made for Iñigo Montoya!’s live show last year.

IÑIGO MONTOYA! Mon Amour Abandonnique patch

January 19, 2018

Long overdue but here it is, to wear while watching the video:

IÑIGO MONTOYA! latest music video

January 19, 2018

from ZEUGL with LOVE

↯ promotional teasers ↯


January 19, 2018

☝︎artworks for the release of Iñigo Montoya!’s second EP.

☟instead of making vinyl records we made a series of fanzines containing the download code.