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April 5, 2011

Trying things out for the piracy project…

First trial ☟

Second one (which I prefer because it somehow mimics the traditional book layout) ☟


many things happened #1

April 1, 2011

☠ PIRACY, where am I?

After wednesday’s meeting, I decided to keep it simple and to take the photos between the shelves of the library, as if I couldn’t take the book out or reproduce it. Check it out ☟

the photos I chose☟

These are the raw photos, since the book will be printed in two spot colours I will have to modify them (maybe make them duotone).
The two colours are the following (we took orange over mustard) ☟

And regarding the layout design I will put the photos on the spreads and play with the margins (see example ☟)


March 28, 2011

New work with the Print Matters and And publication on reproduction. We have to choose a book (or an extract) and reproduce it (at its widest sense). For us print matters, Rathna added a other element to the brief, we are going to send our book (each one of us has one section and the book is a collection of projects) to an organisation, and our text and its reproduction will be context specific.

Anyway, my text is an introduction to the definition of pseudo-science ▾

I thought that it would be relevant to look at the copyright law to find a tweek to reproduce the content, and I came across something called incidental inclusion. Basically it’s when, for example, a piece of work is in the background of a photo, or if a music is played when recording a movie, etc. SO, what I am doing is taking photos that will ‘incidentally’ contain the text.