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Holidays snapshots

August 21, 2011

Photos of our live animations projected on houses and caandides, another selection here.



December 8, 2010

Below are the notes I brought for my presentation today…

superstitions, spectacles, screenprinting, paradoxes, nonsenses, absurdities, irony, questioning traditions, ornaments, patterns and visual experiences

What do we rely on to find answers?
religion, superstition, science, sects, tradition

religion (and science?)

superstition > subdivision of religion?
↑ rituals spectacles performances > sects
these use rituals from touching wood to rites of passage, trances etc. are rituals sacred or secular

weight of the tradition?
‘objectively as independently of tradition’

group effect?
‘people asseses their judgments and opinions by comparison with those of others’


My interest:
why do we need them?
how are they created?
what effect on people’s thinking and behavior?

how does this lead to rituals?
what kind of rituals do exist?
what is a ritual?
what is a performance?

from beliefs to rituals
from thought to actions

ritual tree ☞

+ ritual as
part of evolutionary development of animal
as structure with formal qualities and definable relationships
symbolic systems of meaning
performative actions or processses

another definition ☟

Not the real event but a representation>ritual bridges, rites of passage. ☟

+history of rituals greek and hebraic christians> fertility rites, human and animal sacrifices, sun worship>violence
ex wrestilng or art performances

Burden: performances in which personal danger becomes art ⤩


Stelarc: overcoming body capacities ⤈


examples of how beliefs/superstitions affect behaviour:
> belief of witchcraft that lead to thousands of death
> the story of a woman that was told by a medium that she would die that day, surgery doesn’t die but then rush of adrenaline kills her self
>if belief that £ will fall, people sell their holdings therefore £ falls
>friday 13

superstition as a neurotic defence or to fulfill some needs of human life

>>>cannot prove nor disprove

science ☟

+ separation of state and science?

Superstition as ‘result of errors of observation’ or ‘bias enters into the observation and distortion of them, selective forgetting’
example scribble on a blackboard expriment
the conviction of the omnipotence of thoughts


Have a look at Marina Abramović, Günter Brus and the Viennese Actionism, Bantjes about pattern, and the first section of R. Girard des choses cachées …

Also the theme is too broad so I should start with one precise seed and then broaden, suggestions were:
looking at objects
mexican rituals
everyday rituals (different from routine?)
rituals in design
what do rituals mean?
calming down and concentrating?
communal experiences
rituals in religion, art, superstition, science
filter what interest me

I think I want to start by looking into the definitions of all these words and then choose one?