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December 9, 2010

Yesterday I attended two talks and had a very constructive chat with Patrick for Edgware road. Let’s start with this.

My work for the publication will be a complete object, the whole thing will probably be a collection of all projects. I am changing my theme more or less because I was going to end up with too little time in the end. The new theme started from the discussion I had with Haya about the arabic world, and how you behave when you are in an other country. The difference between being arabic in England or in Kuwait, or being French in Paris or in London. How do we make up for the things we don’t have? How home-culture can be exaggerated and more conservative. How do we adapt? I will talk from my own experience and from what the people I met told me. I am excited about that, and looking forward to work on it.

Then Rathna gave us a talk on small presses +wine and mince pies. I really liked that talk, good references and good knowledge. It was about small presses, and that they  aren’t big presses that produce less. They are about publishing things, doing what you like, use what you have/can, and follow your instinct. Basically do what you want to do and get it out there. There were really nice examples such as the AtoZ cover by Trigram (I can’t find the photo and I don’t want to post my shitty doodle).

Finally I went to the Christmas lecture, Jonathan Barnbrook was speaking about his work and why making new typefaces is important. It was quite interesting although I didn’t get everything since he was mumbling most of the time.


Craig ☠ldham

October 27, 2010

I went to Craig Oldhams talk for which Romain, Gabriel and I designed the communication (above).
I really enjoyed it, since it was one of the first time the speaker (for instance Craig) would explain himself and not throw to us taken for granted rather abstract concepts. We also had this lovely publication (below) in case we missed a couple of ‘fuck’, shit’ and ‘fucking shit’.

better photos will come soon

ϟϟϟϟ hottest

October 23, 2010