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May 25, 2011

final version of the ‘classical’ exploration


this time for real – finished FIRST INSIGHT INTO TAROT

May 5, 2011

The introductory booklet, interesting fact it has as many pages as there are major arcanas (22), maybe I should number them using tarot cards rather than numbers!

allegorical tarot – making of

May 2, 2011


I tried a couple of things for the design, trying to put more than the type only —which was a bit too formal and cold— but also trying to avoid being too decorative.

I designed the back overlapping all the cards and then mirrored it and rotated it to create this pattern

Then I used it on the title card and thought this could be my solution for the cards

allegorical tarot

May 2, 2011

done – with two alternatives for the back, but I will go with the first one.

allegories deck iterations

May 1, 2011

for this deck

some updates – tarot

May 1, 2011

I will print 5 different decks for the tarot project: the allegories, another tarot of colour, the most recurrent symbols, the abstract one and the hybrids/engravings.

Below are some experiments for the most recurrent symbols. I still have to choose if I put the same number of symbols on all the cards or not.

I am also thinking about mixing up the ‘minimal’ decks such as below with the most recurrent symbols merged with the another tarot of colour. These experiments won’t be printed as cards (so far it’s not in my plans).

Finally, I am near completion of the hybrid/engraving deck —I need a title for this one. Below a summary of my research and a screenshot of the booklet (in progress) that will come with the deck.

What’s left to do is basically finishing the layout for the allegories and the most recurrent decks, design the title card and the back and finish the engraving/hybrids illustrations. I am hoping to have them done by tuesday afternoon so that I can send them to the printer before the weekend.

lol 2

May 1, 2011

——————-——————- VS ——————-——————-


April 29, 2011

Here is the allegories tarot, with the new wording. The rule to ‘rename’ the cards was one adjective and one noun. I chose an horizontal format because it suits better the typography layout. I will only put the 2 words on each card —no arcana number— and maybe some frame around (I still have to decide on the design, one line, two lines, etc).

another tarot of colours

April 27, 2011


April 2, 2011

☝ The fool

☝ The magician

☝ The high-priestess

☝ The empress

☝ The emperor

☝ The hierophant

☝ The lovers

☝ The chariot

☝ Justice

☝ The hermit

☝ The wheel of fortune

☝ Strenght

☝ The hanged man

☝ 13

☝ Temperance

☝ The devil

☝ The tower

☝ The star

☝ The moon

☝ The sun

☝ The judgment

☝ The world